He's the "Original" Jimmy Velvit because in the early years there was an associate who stole his songs, his arrangments, even his name, sometimes altering the spelling, and carried on an inferior "clone" career for a while.

Born in Coalgate, Oklahoma, Jimmy moved to Dallas, Texas in 1952 with his family. While working at a Worth Food Mart in 1958 he began singing at parties with some musicians who also worked there. After receiving good responses from the crowds, he began to think about a singing career.

His dad was a fiddle player in a country band and was recording at Sellers Recording Studio. Jimmy made a single recording for $4.00 and a friend, James Reynolds, took it around and played it for various record business people in the Dallas area.

In 1961 he signed a deal with Division Records, a record label owned by Jim Lowe, a popular DJ on Dallas WRR radio with the famous "Kat's Karavan" show. (1310 on the AM dial) Lowe thought Jimmy sounded a lot like a white Lonnie Johnson.

The most requested archival episodes requested at WRR today are of Jim Lowe. He had one of the first all-request D.J. programs in Texas, he is also credited in the success of blues musicians including Muddy Waters and John Lee Hooker.
Jim Lowe passed away in May of 2000. "Ceep Cool" Jim...

The first two 45 rpm singles "Sometimes At Night" and "We Belong Together" sold well and were re-released nationaly on MGM Cub Records. They both charted at #1. "We Belong Together" stayed at #1 for six weeks.
In 1962 Jimmy Velvit walked into Sonic Productions recording studio on South Oakland Avenue in Dallas, who's young engineer was the legendary "Phil York" himself. In the picture at right, it dipicts this historical collaboration. Phil York at the "Board" and Jimmy Velvit in the "Vocal Booth".

Throughout the 60's York recorded many sessions with Jimmy. Most were not released, but Phil liked Velvit and his style of music and kept taped copies of the recordings! More than three decades later you can hear these songs on the "Rockin with Velvit" CD. #2. on the CDs page.

The Original Jimmy Velvit was playing to a standing room only crowd on December 31, 1999 in Texas as the new century began!